Privacy (DB) protection
and One ID

By using our block chain to store personal informations in a distributed manner,
it make all websites available with one id.

j-s***has requested 60,000DBCoin.

7,718,657 / 100,000,000 DBC

1st pre-sale : April 16 to 30
Today Visited : 601

The name of the cryptocurrency is DB Coin. We decided to name our cryptocurrency `DB Coin` because it`s main purpose is to protect our customers database.
Our purpose is to completely build a system which defend hacking form all websites and personal information providers in the world.


Pre-sale and distribution price ico(USD)
separation schedule price list DB one price per coin(April 15 standard)
1st Pre-sale 2018.4.16 ~ 30 1 Ethereum = 10,000 DBcoin 0.05 dollar
2st Pre-sale 2018.5.10 ~ 20 1 Ethereum = 8,000 DBcoin 0.06 dollar
1st ICO 2018.6.11.~ 20 1 Ethereum = 6,000 DBcoin 0.08 dollar
2st ICO 2018.7.1 ~ 10 1 Ethereum = 5,000 DBcoin 0.10 dollar
  • * Price to be listed (target price) : About 0.47 dollars or more per DBC


Development of IT infrastructure Completed

Completed the development of the block chain password for the DB coin development

Wallet development Completed

Completion and testing of the wallet for complete remittance have been completed,
To be able to send money directly from the exchange at the time of ICO application Development wallet (virtual account) development per person completed

Listing Exchange 2018

Domestic and overseas major exchanges order listing from July, 2018
(Target to be listed on more than 6 domestic and foreign exchanges within 2018)

DB Coin Solution Development V1.0 2018

DB Coin Solution 1.O version to prevent all personal information and hacking
Developed and Beta Tested by the end of 2018

Entering the top 20 in the world of cryptographic money 2019

DB Coin is a coin operated in Japan, Korea and India.
As of 2019, we aim to enter the top 20 ranking by market volume in the crypto world market.
Through a block chain
A revolution in anti-hacking
It continues.


Block chaining to protect your privacy and prevent hacking

PrivacyOur DB Coin decentralizes personal information and keeps it as a block so it is not possible to steal personal information through hacking.

Prevent hackingOur DB coin is encrypted to a distributed server, so there are a lot of places to utilize because it stores personal information and important data (ex. company, DOD, customer librarian, ecommerce company, game item etc.)

Investment goodsOur DB coin is highly valued because it is going to be listed on the domestic and international exchanges as a global cryptographic currency.

Teams and Advisors

Yoo Do-wook

Alba Heaven Founder

  • Alba Heaven Founder (Yoo Sung Ryong and brother)
  • Winner of Korea Venture Company in 2002 (Co-award with Ahn Chul-soo, President of Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • Best-selling writer (Kyobo Bookstore total fourth place, 8 weeks)
  • Ju Dae-jun

    KAIST Vice Chancellor

  • (Former) KAIST Director of Cyber Security Research Center
  • (Former) KAIST Professor, Graduate School of Information Security
  • (Former) President, Korea Smart Industry Promotion Association
  • (Now) National Cyber Safety Federation President, South Korea
  • Yoshikazu Sasaki

    Yellowstone CEO

  • Graduated from Tokyo Economic University
  • Bridgestone Sports Japan Accounting Officer
  • Financing consulting for startup More than 10 years
  • Park Jong-ho

    Korea Business Council

  • Ministry of Knowledge Economy license number (No. 2011-8)
  • The Russian side is responsible for the money money advisory role
  • Russia and Korea have significant activities in trade
  • Koo Doo-young

    BNK Financial Group

  • Busan Bank Branch Manager at cho-eub branch
  • 30 years of experience in electronic finance.
  • Kim Sang-hwa

    President, Busan International Youth Film Festival

  • Professor, Busan University of Arts
  • Dr. Jeon Seung-gug

    A research institute of Busan Development Institute (BDI)

  • Teaching activities at Pusan National University and Ulsan University
  • (Financial management, derivatives expert)
  • Articles: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Financing
  • Shiva Kumar

    AT&C CIO

  • Network security company management in Silicon Valley, USA
  • Accenture Senior Consultant
  • Served as CIO and CEO of Japan PTS (Private Securities Exchange)
  • He is currently a consultant to establish FX company and a CIO of Japanese block chain company
  • Baek Seung-taek

    Representative of venture company

  • (Former) GOOD DEAL Communication representative
  • (Former) representative of NEO CYON
  • (Former) GRAVITY Chief Operating Officer
  • Representative of STVENTURES (current)
  • Kim Chang-ki

    UCLA, Economics

  • Valhalla Networks representative
  • (Former) Hong International President, American States
  • (Former) Gravity CSO
  • Hiroyuki Taki

    Financial sector block chain consultant

  • Management of credit management bonds, stocks, etc. in Samyang Securities
  • Ryokou Securities (now Morgan Stanley • MUFJ Mitsubishi Securities)
  • Asset management consulting for institutional investors
  • Yang Jae-soo

    Professor, Dankook University

  • Graduated from Seoul National University
  • Member of the Committee for the establishment of the "u-Service Forum" hosted by the Korea Information Society Agency
  • Korea Future Communication Forum (IT, Science and Technology Expert) established, Secretary General
  • Jun Su-young

    DB coin auditing

  • Graduated from Busan University
  • (Former) Nongwon Tax Office etc
  • (Former) Western Busan Tax Office
  • (Present) Audit of security chain cooperative for block chain
  • Dong Woo-sang

    Director, Winners Smart Content Institute

  • (Currently) Smart Content Center representative consultant, Korea Creative Content Agency
  • (Former) Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Information Processing, Ulsan National University
  • (Former) Gyeonggi Digital Contents Promotion Agency
  • Yoo Tae-yeon

    Busan District Court East Support Civil Coordination Commission

  • WIN management consulting group director
  • Credit guarantee fund management guidance committee
  • Adjunct Professor, Dong-A University
  • Lim hyun-sik Executive Director

    DBCOIN General affairs office work

  • Graduate School of Journalism Master
  • Hana Financial Investment e-biz part
  • Hana Financial Investment Banpo Financial Center CI
    • Cho In-su, CPA
    • Chung Seung-cheol : General Manager, Patent & Trademark Attorney South & South
    • Lee Seung-jin : BS in Electronic Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology
      Graduate School of Seoul National University AIP 47 commencement certificate,
    • Lee Jae-gal : Korea Economic Daily Research Institute
    • We are still in the process of bringing in more people who are influential.

    Development Workforce

    No Name Position Career
    1 Song Gang-su Blockchain core developer 18 Year
    2 Lee Sang-chul Blockchain development team leader1 24 Year
    3 Itakura shinichi (JAPAN) Blockchain development team leader2 14 Year
    4 Abhijeet Anand (INDIA) Blockchain architecture member 4 Year
    5 Kim Ju-sik Blockchain wallet team leader 20 Year
    6 Kim Byoung-ki Blockchain wallet team member 10 Year
    7 Lee Sae-hee Deputy section chief 7 Year
    8 Park Yu-mi Wallet, site main designer 14 Year
    9 Part Mi-gang Wallet, site main designer 10 Year
    10 Whand Do-sun Blockchain security leader 17 Year
    11 Song Ji-whang Blockchain algorithm developer 13 Year
    12 Kim Yu-hyun Blockchain database developer 9 Year

    In addition, there are blockchain patents member, block-chain app developers, security database architecture developers, etc.

    SNS Community